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Flat Glass Level Gauge Accessories

Shut-off Valves


Specially design for level gauge flat glasses with shut-off valves wich are lightweight and compact.

· Emergency ball ckech

Automatic valve shut-off when a high flow changes dramatical- ly avoinding any type of spiling or any glass crash.

· Drain & vent Plug

Provide an easier way to clean, assemble and disassemble the device.

· Removable Hand-Bar

Avoids the handling of oher people. Handwheel it ́s optional.

· Union coupling

Makes easier the assemble of the device.

Valves types: C, CA & CY

Highly recommended in sideway and rear connections, consider- ing the angle valve type manage.

Valves type: D, DA & DY

Highly recommended in up and down connections althought can be utilize in sideway and rear connection.

Makes easier the cleanliness witout disassemble the device.

Standard Materials:

Standard: Carbon steel, bonnet and body

Inner stainless steel AISI 316, standard closing, removable hand-bar, ball check, back seat and integral bonnet.

Optional: bonnet and body of PVC, PPL, regulation NACE, stain- less steel, monel 400, hastelloy® C276 and others.

Material should be given on request.

Special materias for wet parts

Quick closing, steel or aluminium handwheel.

Renewable Bonnet or oppression


Standard: Regulation of PEMEX NRF 053. Opcional: Recoat of: PTFE, nylon, Kynar®, etc.


Standard: Garlock® IFG-5500
Optional: Seal of PTFE, asbesto or graphite.

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