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Needle Valve

Nevél Needle Valves have plenty control and flow measuring industrial applications as well as instrument for protection, purge or sampling.

The main purpose is the maintenance of: manometres,trasn- mitters, pressure switches, purges, flow sample y adjustments.


• Disassemble bar handle.

• Manufactured valves by request.

• Plenty of size and process connections.

• Maximum pressure: 10000 PSI (700 kg/cm2)

• Maximum Temperature: 700 °F (400°C) in corrosive environ- ment


• Connections: 1/8” - 3” NPT female or male, flange and weld as the request specifies.

• Body: manufactured in lathe in the next types: balloon, straight, angle, multiport or with purge valve.

• Stem: external threaded in wich there is no fluid contact, this ensures the seal, the threads life and the easy lock.

• Spike: thin needle, no-rotatory needle, soft needle, firm ball.

• Bonet: exists two different types for different pressures: 6400 PSI & 10000 PSI(425 Kg/cm2 & 700 kg/cm2). Hermetic close with the body.

• Seat: hermetic, meatl-metal or soft of PTFE or nylon.

• Seal: PTFE, viton, asbesto, grafoil.

• Bar Handle: disassemble, same material as the body.

• Finishing: stainless insdutrial polished steel, cabron steel zinc plated, special corrosive recoats.

• Materials: standard -stainless steel solid bar AISI 316- optional -stainless steel bar, carbon steel , regulations: NACE MR0175

PTFE, nylon, PVC, bronze, aluminium , HatelloyPTFE, alloy 20, monel, etc.

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