Level Gauges

Tubular Glass

· union coupling

It can coupling with any type of connection like flange, welded or threaded. This kind of process connections makes easier the assembly.

· Emergency ball check

Avoids spilling in case of glass breaking and shutting off automat- ically when a high flow changes in to the device.

· Double Glass Seal

Ensures the device waterthigtness. The seal that we use on this level gauge is the so called “O ring”, it can be replace easily considering that we use comercial stuff.

· Streaching & protecting rods

Protects the glass from burst and ensure the device stabiliza- tion.

· Borosilicate Glass Tube

Resistant to high temperature and pressure than other convencional glasses.

· Venting & Drain Plug

It makes easier the assembly, dismantling and the way it can be given maintenance.

· Removable Hand-Bar

Avoids the handling of other people. Handwheel is optional.

Standard Materials:

Cabron steel , Stainless , PPL, brass, etc.


Level Gauge board, burst and spilling protectors, union connectors for extend the glass tubes, everything to fit the best option for the customer.

Special Assembly Construction:

NEVÉL have the experience and thecnology to produce level gauge that fits your needed.

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