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Magnetic Level Gauge Accessories

Level Switches


The level guage switches are design to turn on or off (depends in the customer needs) when they are exposed to a magnetic field. This means that the switch havn ́t any contact with the product.

When the floats works with the switch, the float acts like a magnetic flied in movement, making the device an efficient level gauge.


- Dry contact : SPDT, DPDT

- 60 W/VA in reed switches
- 2400 W/VA in microswitches

- 10 A
- 250 VCA


  • - NEMA 4x & 7 clase I Div 1 & 2

  • - Grups C & D Clase II Div 1,2

  • - Grups E, F and G.


    - The switches are positioned beside to the chamber of the level gauge, tied with a clamp.

    To start-over the leve indicator only move the clamp with the switch to the leve that is needed.

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