Magnetic Level Gauges

Magnetic Level Gauge use the communicating vessel principle wich have a chamber or level leg that has the attribute of being a non magnetic material (SS316).

Contains a float wich have a magnet inside of it. This creates an magnetic field with the flap indicator assembly(FIA).

The FIA acts in parallel with the float where indicates the prod- uct level.

Equipment Advantage
· Hermetically seal.
· Low maintenance.
· FIA(flap indicator assembly) never touches the fluid.

· FIA can be hermetically seal and fill-up with inert gas to prevent any burst, dust penetration, scraps and prevents mechanical mal function.

· Manage different types of flaps.(check in factory)

·Reliable and safe level gauge.

· Visible length is the same as the center connections length.

· Plenty of accessories that fits the customers needed.

· Pressure limit of 3600 lb/in2 and temperatue 840°F(250 kg/cm2 @ 450°C) in corrosive environment.

Standard Materials:

· Stainless steel · Aluminium
· Polypropylene · Kynar® ́

· Titanium

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