Magnetoestrictive Level Transmitters

Nevél and technology provide a transmitter that uses the magnetoestrictive principle. The electronic circuit generates electric high frecuency pulse that travels trhough the into the wire to the bottom. This allows to give the precise measuring wich its calculated by the pulse and the magnetic field produced by the magnetic float. The pulse will interact with the magnetic field of the float , this provides to the magnetoestrictive read where is located the float and return the measure to a signal of 4 to 20mA HART®.


• Total reading of level and interpahse. • HART® Protocol
• Short gap of measure
• Certificate ATEX, IECEX

• Probe line range adjustable to the length that its needed. • Precision >0.2mm
• Repitibility >0.1mm


Operation conditions:

Pressure 250 Kg/cm2 (3500 PSI)

Electric supply
10-30 VCD+Hart® 2 wires

Recoat for wet parts

Kynar® , PTFE y Nylon
Assembly fittings of Stainless steel AISI 304.


Local digital gauge

Assembly ironworl

External chambers

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