Scale & Float Tank Level Gauges

The tank level guage INR from Nevél is design to measure the liquid level from conical, floating roof or underground low pres- sure tanks.

Advisable to use this type of guages for low pressure tanks, the minimum height it ́s 1m.

The mechanism works with the float located at the bottom of the tank, when the liquid level changes the float will rise, this will allow to view and establish the real level in wich the product is. The tensors allow the float remain where it belongs, at the right product level.


· The simple mechanism has been tested for years, updated with technologycal innovation that improves the way it ́s measure and maintenance.

· Low pressure measuring is precise and low cost.

· Mechanism claim a precise measure. · Low cost.


High pressures need liquid seal or tanks where have special pressures or control venting ducts.

-Pulley and nipples with any type of special specify will state on request.

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