Tank Devices

Condensate Pots

Nevél Condensate Pots are design to bear a pressure of 6000 PSI(425 kg/cm3). One main prupose of this device is to recover solids and condensate products. By the other hand can be ideally used as flow measurement and recover condensate steam system. Another function is acting like an iron curtain between the fluid and the condensate wich can be assemble in the primary or secondary fase.

(Flow, transmitter, gauge, etc)


• Manufactured wrought carbon steel with wall thickness of: 40, 80 and 160. Wrought carbon steel caps with regula- tions ASME.

• Diameter of 2” wrought carbon steel

Stainless steel AISI 304 & 316 Carbon steel ASTMA 106
Steel, Regulations: NACE MR-0175


1/4” NPTF & M class 3000# & 6000#

1/2” NPTF & M class 3000# & 6000#

3/4” NPTF & M class 3000# & 6000#


Hydrostatically of 4500 PSI for class 3000#.

Hydrostatically of 9000 PSI for class 6000#.


Radiography test

Material toughness

Chemical composition

Liquid penetrant testing

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