Tank Devices

Flame Arrestors

Nevél Flame & explosion arrestors contain any kind of explosion or conflagration if the product is flammable. This device alouds to cut down the flames as well to contain the explosion. It ́s usually to assemble on the top of the tank.

In other cases when the product isn ́t flammable can be use as a gas condenser.

Nevél flame & explosion arrestors are bidirectional and are assembled with the next regulations: API 2000, 2210 & 2028, and ASTM F 1273.


• Passing through the bank frame that condensates and contains the explosion or flame reduces the contamination on the environment.

• Leghtweitght assemby
• Low cost maintainace
• Reduces the flame, heat and explosion


• Body: aluminium ASTM A 356, carbonj steel , stainless steel , materials regulation: NACE MR0175

• Interior: aluminium ASTM a 6063 (98.9% pure), carbon steel ,stainless steel, materials regulation: NACE MR0175.

• Seal: teflon, asbesto and neoprene

• Finishing: galvanize with or without epoxy paint en for carbon steel and aluminium materials.

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