Tank Devices

Float Valves

Nevél Float Valves are compound by three elements. In wich an automatic operation device is connected to the ball valve. 1.- Ball valve
2.-Lever mechanism


The operation of the device is simple. When the product level tend to decrease the float works as a counterweight and by gravity effects the valve open but when the product level rise the float tends to go up, closing the gate(valve).

The valves will be configured to each prodcut or process in wich be settle in, taking the next causes:

• Input
• Input pressure • Product
• Product density


• Body

Carbon steel , stainless steel , materials with the regulation: NACE MR0175, PVC, nylon, etc.

• Internal
Carbon steel , stainless steel , material with the regulation: NACE MR0175, etc.

• Seals
PTFE, asbesto, neoprene.

• Valve seats
PTFE, viton, nitrile.

• Float and lever
Cabron steel , stainless steel , PVC, PPL, polythene, etc.

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