Tank Devices

Level Sight Glasses

Level Sight Glasses of Nevél works like a window so the customer can see the inner part from tubes or tanks also can be assemble for any kind of container.


· Plenty of diameters, shapes, thickness, glasses and seals. · Special assembly for the customers needs
· Special recoat.

· Standard Carbon steel zinc plated.


  • - BODY

    Carbon steel
    Stainless steel, aluminium, PTFE, nylon, PVC, Regulation: NACE MR0175.


    Standard: Thermo-tempered
    Optional: Borosilicate, acrylic y polycarbonate.

  • - Seals

    Neoprene, PTFE, Viton y asbesto.


    Flange, threaded , sanitary fitting, welded in any size.


    Zinc plated and recoat with PTFE, nylon, etc.
    Regulations: PEMEX and CFE.

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