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Tank Devices

Measure hacthes & man-holes

Nevél Measure hatches & man-holes are desing to make easier the inspection, measurement and sampling for the tanks insides.

REGULATIONS API 2000, ANSI B16.5. Available: 2” - 24” with flange ANSI or API.

Paddle or level operation with hermetic close in wich contain nitrile, viton, rubber or PTFE seals.


• Easy maintenance.
• Hermetic close wich fulfill ecological regulations. • Construction by customer request.


• Body: aluminium ASTM A 356, carbon steel, stainless steel, regulation: NACE MR0175, PVC, nylon.

• Inside: aluminium ASTM a 6063 (98.9% pure), cabron steel, stainless steel, regulation: NACE MR0175,etcétera

• Seals: PTFE, asbesto y neoprene
• Valves seat: steel -steel or soft PTFE- viton.

• Finishing: zinc plated , epoxy paint for aluminium partsand cabron steel. Regulation PEMEX NRR053.

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