Tank Devices

Paddle switches

Nevél Paddle Siwtches operate with the flow of the fluid, it doesn ́t matter if it ́s upside down, vertical or horizontal, the paddle will work efficently.

The fluid will move the paddle, this one will make a magnetic or mecanic action (specify in request), that aloud the activa- tion of the transmitter in wich will be represented the accu- rate level fluid measuring.


• Pressure.- 1400 PSI (100kg/cm2)

• Temperature with corrosive environment 400°F(200°C)


• Standard for low power 60VA: - Reed switch
- Firm differential
- Dry contact: C SPDT

- Maximum capacity: 60 VA
- Maximum charge/power: 2 amp
- Maximum voltage: 400 V
• Standard for high powert 3300 VA: - Micro-switch
- Firm differential
- Dry contact: C SPDT
- Maximum capacity:3300 VA
- Maximum charge/power: 15 amp
- Maximum voltage:400 V
• Optional

- Adjustable differential -

-Dry contact: C DPDT

• Paddle materials

· Stainless steel AISI 304 · Stainless steel AISI 316 · Aluminium
· Copper

· Polypropylene

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