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Vent & Vacuum valves

Nevél vent & vacuum valves are design for prevent any kind of internal contamination in the tank. Sealing the inner environ- ment from the outer one. This will success with the two valves that the vent works with. The vacuum valve will open and expel the air when the tank is filling up and the vent valve will open when the tank is emptying, this will aloud to the air or gas pene- trate to the tank.

Nevél vent & vacuum are desgin by the regulation: API 2000.

Valve types:
• Vent - emptying
• Vacuum -filling up
• Vent & vacuum both function.


• Lightweightn assemble.

• The design makes easy the maintenance.

• Obey to the ecologic regulations when the tank and device are completed close.



Body: ALUMINIUM ASTM A 356, carbon steel , stainless steel , materials with the regulations: NACE MR0175, PVC, nylon, etc.

Internals: Aluminium ASTM A 6063 (98.9% pure), stainless steel, materials with the regulations: NACE MR0175, etc.

Seal: PTFE, asbesto, neoprene.
Valve seat: steel-steel or soft: PTFE, viton

Finishing: Zinc plated or expoy paint for aluminium and carbon steel products.

Regulation: NRR 053 PEMEX

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