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  • "Renew or die" ... Nevél presents his new website "

    You will know a completely redesigned space, which adapts to all mobile devices so you can navigate from the screen on your desktop, tablet or Smartphone.
    We have changed to a more direct and intuitive navigation scheme for your comfort.
    You can easily access our updated instrument catalog and know its functions and features.
    We have new sections where you can see examples of successful projects with our clients and collaborators.

    Also a news section where you will find interesting and timely information in the area of instrumentation engineering.
    And to be in touch with you a format in which you can send us your doubts, comments and any concerns in which we can help you.
    The most important thing for us is to listen to you and take into account your instrumentation needs for any industry.
    We hope that the new version is to your liking and we work to continue being leaders in industrial instrumentation.

    Thank you for your trust.

    "Equipment for Measuring Industrial Fluids"

    An accurate and reliable measurement of fluid handling is vital for a safe, successful and economical operation at many points in the production or storage process of industrial products. Some of these applications are relatively simple, while others involve demanding operating conditions that include high temperatures and pressures.

    Nevél has responded with very low maintenance devices, which offer high performance and are capable of withstanding demanding operating environments. Due to the variety of applications and operational differences of the processes, there is no single technology that is appropriate to measure the same variable. Each process must be analyzed to choose the appropriate measuring system and equipment.

    Our team of engineers has the knowledge of the measurement processes and principles to make the evaluation and selection of the appropriate instrument, taking into account the many measurement techniques that exist to make the process manageable, profitable and precise in one way or another.

    Factors such as the safety of the facilities, the control of the quality of the product, the optimization of the processes, and the protection of the environment, depend on the quality of the measurement being made and therefore the responsibility that this entails at the time of make a decision.

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    Nevél equipment can be applied for different purposes

    • Continuous measurement for automatic registration or control
    • One-point measurement for switches
    • Multi-point measurement for swichs
    • Flow, level, temperature and / or pressure display.
    • Indication and data transmission of variables such as:
      • level
      • Flow
      • Temperature
      • Pressure
      • Humidity

    Characteristics of the industrial process to take into account

    • Variables that you want to measure
    • Measurement purpose
    • Operating conditions
    • Fluid composition
    • Physical dimensions and characteristics of the container.
    • Rules Needed

    We are at the service of the technological development of the country, innovation in products, design, processes and services that live up to the best international standards and norms.

    "Sistema Monitorix"

    Our MONITORIX system works by taking the analog signal of an indicator or transmitter in each tank and transferring it to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that will take the data, process it and reflect it in digital units that can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the interests in each case.

    Our service is personalized and we design the entire data automation system, from the diagnosis of the needs of the company, the preparation of the work plan, equipment manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.

    You will get the following benefits:

    • An accurate and reliable measurement of:
    • Type of fluid: can be solid, liquid, viscous, explosive, chemically aggressive, contaminant, etc.
    • Density
    • Pressure and temperature
    • Type of process and operation to control interfaces
    • Monitor and calculate inventories,
    • Control downloads
    • Filling for transfer, etc.
    • Safe, successful and economical operation
    • Capable of supporting demanding operating environments
    • Appropriate technology for all applications

    Increase productivity in the company, now losses, optimize the stored product and modernize your production processes.

    We are a company focused on serving our customers, with ample innovative capacity that has allowed us to place our brand NEVÉL as one of the most recognized brands in the market for level measurement and control instruments in our country

    Come to us for any questions or comments.

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